OCTOBER 17, 2015:  All current events, as well as other events since the 55th class reunion (including death notices) are available on the site titled BREAKFAST PAGE.

Information concerning the life and times of classmates is found on the site titled

Join us for breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month. Details on  Breakfast Page

If you have not updated your CLASSMATE INFO, or if you have never entered your "story" since 1959, please do so - in the CLASSMATE INFO SECTION OF THIS SITE.


UPDATE: January 7, 2015  STAY TUNED!!  Changes are coming soon to this site.  In the meantime, go to BREAKFAST PAGE for current events. Our next breakfast meeting will be SATURDAY, January 17, 2015.  I hope to get out some changes to the site prior to that date. Now, go to the BREAKFAST PAGE FOR developments during and since the December, 2014 breakfast.  Oh, yes - one more thing. If you have not updated your CLASSMATE INFO, please go to that site, start off with the current date, and let us know what you have been doing for the past several years.  Photos are welcome, the more the better, and they can be of any subject (hobby, grandchildren, or just whatever).
Jerry Fleming
December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for a great 2015!
At last I am getting a better grip on how to operate this site. If you have any problems UPDATING your information or photo on the CLASSMATE INFO portion of the site, please contact me and I will try to solve the problem. 
Currently I am posting ALL new information on the BREAKFAST PAGE - SO GO THERE to learn about what (if anything) is happending in the way of "news". A new feature has been added on that site; SOMEONE (usually someone who is from the furtherest distance or who has not attended the breakfast recently) who attends the breakfast will be "highlighted" each month on the Breakfast Page, and that page will be updated from time to time during the month. So, UPDATE your info, and if you can't come to a breakfast on the 3rd Saturday at 9 AM and the Western Sizzlin on Towson, then stay tuned in here from time to time!! 
Jerry Fleming, Class of 59

November 18, 2014
UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, current information will be displayed on the BREAKFAST PAGE site. Please go to that site for current reports and news concerning classmates.Please send any photos you took at the 55th. I think I will be able to load them into an album. Thanks. Jerry.    fleming111@yahoo.com
November 5, 2014. 
 Your access to this site has been extended until July 15, 2020. I am attempting to learn to use the entire site, so expect some errors! The plan is to continue updating the BREAKFAST PAGE following each meeting that occurs on the third Saturday of each month at 9 A.M. at Western Sizzlin' on Towson Avenue (will get you the exact street number later). If you are in Ft. Smith, try to make one of the Breakfast Meetings. You are almost sure to see someone from long ago! Ron Roberts, husband of Jo Ann Mathis, set up this site many years ago and faithfully put many hours of labor into it as the years passed. Ron recently manipulated and through joint coersion with others, passed this duty to me, a computer illiterate. So, here we go. If you revisit the site and don't see anything new, then try the Breakfast Page, where I will try to make a monthly report.

Jerry Fleming, Class of '59
*****  GREAT NEWS  *****

It has been decided to continue this website with a view toward having a 60th Reunion!  

Jerry Fleming has agreed to take over administrator responsibilities for the next five years and hopes to rejuvinate interest in the site.  He will be updating the pages to keep them more current.


55th Reunion is History!


The 55th Reunion was held the weeend of OCTOBER 3 & 4, at THE MOVIE LOUNGE here in Fort Smith!   The Friday Evening "Registration" filled the room and was a blast!  There were 138 classmates and spouses registered for the dinner Saturday, and we had a few walk-in's.  Some have commented that they had more fun at the 55th then at the 50th.

All 55th photos we have are in the "55th Reunion" album under the Photo Albums tab on the left.

Remember there is a new Facebook page that been created to help keep up with all that is going on.  To be invited into that group, simply email Ramon Elkins with your particulars and he will include you.  

If you have not updated your biographic information since putting it on this website, you may use the "Add Your Info" button on the "Classmate Info" page (See Grey Column at left ) to submit or edit/update your information. PLEASE KEEP YOUR INFO CURRENT by updating it as your life changes.   

Visit the "Photo Albums" as there are hundreds of photos that you will enjoy!   

October 10, 2017
Note: There will be a 60th class reunion. In the meantime the BREAKFAST PAGE  is the page to view for current activities.
October 10,2017 

YES, there will be a 60th reunion. Stay tuned by checking the Breakfast Page updates.
This will be a reunion you will not want to miss!!
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